Better Hearing with Bay Audiology at The Boundary

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), hearing loss affects just over five percent of the global population—that’s in the region of 360 million souls. A report in the New Zealand Medical Journal predicts that the number of Kiwis living with some degree of hearing impediment over the next 40 years will increase by around two percent for females, and three percent for males, to affect around 683,000 (of an estimated population just shy of six million).

Though the ever-ageing population means there are more seniors to suffer hearing difficulties, younger folk are far from immune to aural issues—so mind the volume on those earphones! Just as with your eyes, for instance, it’s worth considering regular check ups with for your ears too—and Bay Audio are more than happy to oblige, providing free 20-minute hearing checks for everyone aged 18 and over.

Other services include: diagnostic hearing tests to pinpoint the exact nature and severity of hearing loss; pre-employment hearing assessments; hearing aid fittings; and hearing aid repairs and maintenance.

Bay Audiology also provides custom-made ear plugs for those working in noisy environments, and further state of the art equipment like titanium hearing aids that are discreet yet incredibly durable, resistant to dust and water, along with rechargeable options that sport Bluetooth connectivity, too.

“We hope our clients enjoy the convenience of these built-in lithium-ion batteries,” says the company’s sales and operations director, Stephanie Mears. “Rechargeable hearing aid wearers can enjoy 24 hours of battery life on a single charge, and will no longer have to purchase or change disposable batteries.”

Since 1990, Bay Audiology has been one of the country’s most trusted—and reputable—providers of hearing healthcare services and products, with scores of clinics around Aotearoa, including one located at your favourite shopping centre, The Boundary. So, book your appointment today!