Getting even Greener with The Boundary

New recycling bins are the latest eco-addition at The Boundary, an open-air precinct that fuses rural and retail, greatly inspired by the wonder of the surrounding Waitakere Ranges. We hope that our green philosophies will, in turn, inspire others to adopt more sustainable habits while at home, at work, and at play. Several of ours stores offer products to help you along the way.


A little effort by each individual combines to make a very big difference. Just 10 percent of the 300 million tonnes of plastic produced around the world each year is recycled or reused. The less plastic in the world the better, and bamboo is one of the finest replacements out there. This super versatile, Earth-friendly material not only grows far faster than hardwood (some species grow an astonishing metre per day), but releases more oxygen into the atmosphere while soaking up plenty of CO2. Many bamboo products are also biodegradable—if you even have to throw them away at all. Our friends at Briscoes offer heaps of bamboo alternatives in the form of dinnerware, kids’ drinking beakers, barista-style coffee mugs and much more. Their reusable Simply Clean Bamboo reusable towels are a great alternative to paper ones too—and are even more absorbent to boot.


As for clothing, wool is a wonderful material that generally needs to be washed less than others (and at low temperatures), is sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable. Ballentynes have some great deals on lots of merino clothing, along with other knitwear, as does Kathmandu—whose other garments are created using organic, Fair Trade, or recycled cotton, along with cotton sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative. Lovers of the outdoors should check out the eco-friendly wetsuits at Freeride Surf and Skate who also stock eco-friendly epoxy.


In his eco-tome, The Shape of Green, author Lance Hosey states that sustainable design needs to be enduring and easy-on-the eye—with that in mind Briscoes and Furniture Store stock a wide variety of furniture fashioned from the likes of wood and wicker. Head to Lighting Direct for their enormous range of energy saving lightbulbs that last up to 25 times longer than the old-fashioned types, while using up to 80% less power.


The good folks of Trade Aid also of course stock stacks of sustainable stuff to fill your home, your belly, your wardrobe and your soul—think candles, chocolate, clothing, art and furnishings—all ethically sourced and made.