Fit in the City at The Boundary

According to the Health at a Glance 2019: OECD Indicators report published towards the end of last year, New Zealanders are the least likely of OECD citizens to consider themselves unhealthy.


But, unfortunately, we’re kidding ourselves. 


Not only do we have among the worse cancer rates in the Western world, but one third of Kiwis are overweight and a further third are obese. Another study, by the Ministry of Health, found that half of us don’t do the recommended two-and-a-half hours a week exercise, or eat enough fruit and veggies. 


Regular exercise not only helps us look and feel great but reduces the risk of everything from cancer to heart disease while improving lung capacity in asthma sufferers and boosting mental health.


So, if you’re struggling to keep up those new year’s resolutions or are just looking to get into shape, as always, The Boundary and our friends are here to help.


We’re super excited to announce the opening of a brand-new City Fitness in west Auckland, whose state-of-the-art gym is backed by all manner of fitness classes including cardio, yoga and strength training.


Nothing gets the heart going like a good cardio workout, and at City Fitness you can choose from dance classes such as Zumba as well as spin classes or workouts inspired by martial arts and boxing. Nothing else kicks cholesterol into touch quite like it!


Those looking to tone up and/or build some muscle should consider one of the many strength classes whose hidden benefits also include fat-zapping and boosting bone density, while those needing something with a little less intensity might want to opt for an adaptable impact class—ideal for those with underlying health issues like arthritis. There’s even a designated new mums and dads offering that enables members to bring their baby and buggy in while they work out!


Need some more Zen in your world? Yoga doesn’t just ground, centre and relax, but helps build balance and core strength while increasing flexibility to boot.


If that’s not enough, all new members also receive a one-hour free orientation session with a personal trainer to work out a bespoke workout regime—and then there are heaps of optional further personal training options, too.


Don’t worry if you’re totally new to all this, there are classes for all skill and fitness levels, and what’s more, you can sign up for as little as $6.99 per week—we’ll see you there!