That’s A Wrap

During the festive period, Kiwi household waste increases, this is mostly because of the amount of wrapping paper, festive bows and Christmas cards that are used for gifting and single-use plastic food packaging that goes straight into landfills. We want to help you slay this Christmas with our favourite tips and tricks for recycling so you can guarantee yourself a spot on Santa’s (and nature’s) nice list.

Here are our five tips for a sustainable festive season!

  1. Ditch the Gift Wrap: use recycled paper or fabric instead.

Want to double-check if your paper can be recycled? Try our wrapping paper recycling scrunch test:

Step 1: Take the wrapping paper in your hand and scrunch it together in a tight ball.

Step 2: Open your hand to see if the paper stays in a ball, then you know it can be recycled. However, if it bounces back open, then it can’t be recycled. 

Tips for recycling wrapping paper:

  • Before recycling, remove any sticky tape and decorations such as ribbons and bows as these cannot be recycled. Keep and reuse for future gifting.
  • Only recycle if it passes the scrunch test.
  1. DIY: make or bake your gifts and create your own decorations.

Get into the Christmas spirit by making your own cards or DIY wrapping paper with The Boundary Christmas Colouring-In Sheet, perfect for kids big and small!

Tap here for our favourite Rocky Road recipe to give a gift that you know will be actually enjoyed (or should we say, demolished) by all. 

  1. Minimise food waste: plan your meals and compost leftovers.
  • Confirm how many people you need to cater for and be mindful of not overloading.
  • When it comes to covering leftovers, opt for reusable Tupperware, mesh food covers and beeswax coverings.
  • Be conscious to limit purchasing of food in single-use plastic containers.
  1. Recycle decorations: do you really need new decorations every year?

And if you do, let the artist within you get crafty with sustainable DIY alternatives. 

  1. Rewear an outfit: shop your wardrobe or thrift something different.

Take a leaf out of Santa’s book, a guy who only has one outfit and rocks it every time. 

From all of us The Boundary, Meri Kirihimete!