Turn Up The Heat This Winter With These Hot Tips

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all about Netflix and chill but there are so many more thrilling ways to spend your time during the lockdown in the cooler seasons. If you want a sure-fire way to ‘break up with your Netflix binging habits’ once and for all, brace yourselves. Here are our suggestions to make the most of Winter’s final days to get you warmed up in no time.

 #1 Get Hot & Sweaty

We’ll let you in on a secret—the best way to get ready for Summer is finding your inner fitness warrior during Winter. Use that post-Olympics fuel to inspire some serious health habits and get around to discovering the workout that’s best for you. 

It’s easy to be overwhelmed, especially when we jump on social media and see an influx of fitness programs that are equally expensive as they are overrated. Want a fail safe option to help you achieve your health, fitness and wellness goals? We suggest signing up for a CityFitness membership. From $6.99 per week, the membership includes the incredible CityFitness App that provides all the tools you need to maintain your fitness regime from the comfort of your home.

Their team of fitness professionals have uploaded over 2,000 workout routines to get you moving. You can track your progress and connect with the community to keep you motivated and accountable. Ready to get your sweat on and take charge of your mental and physical wellbeing? You can get the lowdown on the hottest membership here.

 #2 Look Like A Ray Of Sunshine

Treating yourself to new activewear truly is an instant motivator to work out. Our friends at Rebel have the latest and greatest range available, so whether it’s a full head to toe look you want, from a cap, sweat-resistant tops, tights that are actually squat proof, a fresh pair of running shoes, or just some new equipment – they have you sorted. If you need some extra motivation and you love to get the music pumping, grab a portable Bluetooth speaker or wireless headphones and download their upbeat playlist.

 #2 Get Hot,  Stay Hydrated

Hydration is key, especially in Winter when your body needs to stay refreshed more than ever. Chemist Warehouse remains open and has an incredible range of wellness and beauty products to keep you feeling hydrated from the inside out. Some of our must-haves are the Hydralyte Electrolyte Tablets, QV Intensive Cleanser, the La Roche Posay Effaclar H Moisturiser, and of course the Le Tan SPF 50+ Moisturising Sunscreen because wearing sunscreen is necessary all year round. We all know the routine here though, you go in with a list and walk out with several other items that caught your eye and you simply couldn’t pass up. Luckily, lockdown is the perfect time to trial them and discover that hidden gem that you didn’t even know you needed to enhance your skincare routine.

Being cooped up inside all day with the heater on makes it hard for your skin to stay hydrated so why not invest in a humidifier to inject moisture back into the air. Kmart has a great one you can shop for here.

 Want to level up to a more luxe take on your skincare? We have two words for you. Sisters Beauty. The ultimate destination for professional skincare and general beauty services. No matter your age or skin type, you can always achieve healthier, more beautiful looking skin. While their luxurious facial appointments are currently on hold (a must-try experience, be sure to book in post lockdown), you can still have an at-home pamper session with their incredible products available online.  Remember, self-care is important, and if you feel good, you’ll look good, or should we say, hot.

#3 What’s Hot

 Turn up the temperature at your place with the latest homewares. Whatever your favourite room in the house is, or the one you’re spending the most time in, we challenge you to heat it up. No, not with a fireplace, although you’re lucky if you have one, with Bed Bath and Beyond. Their green oasis Jimena Duvet Cover Set will have you feeling like you’re on a tropical getaway. These calming colours instantly add a burst of freshness to any space while encouraging you to slow down and unwind. Want to invest in other beautifully soft bed linen, and explore their new arrivals now.

 Perhaps you just need to add fresh finishing touches to your space, if so, Briscoes has everything you need, and more. Invite a sense of warmth and welcome into your bathroom with cosy and classic new towels. And don’t forget to snuggle up in style with one of their ultra-soft bathrobes whilst you’re at it. Who knows, maybe soon bathrobes will be the next working-from-home uniform trend.

 #4 Hot New Skills

You can always add to your skillset, and we don’t mean mastering the perfect hot chocolate. Don’t let the cold weather scare you off from having fun, find your inner “skater boy” and learn how to skate-Covid-later at Free Ride Surf & Skate. If that’s too far out of your comfort zone, why not start with a scooter? We don’t care what you’ve heard on the block –  Scooters are cool. You’ll thank us later when you’re zooming around. 

Perhaps trying new recipes is your style, so grab the apron and make Nigella Lawson proud. Whether you prefer savoury dishes or entering your own spin-off of The Great Kiwi Bake Off with the household, creating some tasty magic will warm your heart and fill your belly. Grab your mask and swing by Reduced To Clear to grab the best selection of ingredients at bargain prices. For some incredible recipes that will distract you from the chill and keep boredom at bay, check out Dish. Start the night with their Crowd-Pleasing Meat and 3 Veg Lasagne, and finish on a sweet note with the scrumptious Gingerbread Walnut Pudding With Caramel Sauce. Bon appetit!